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This back to school (la rentrée) themed listening and speaking (oral communication) activity incorporates the game Jenga ® in the French classroom. It includes 3 sets of 27 questions for students to talk about their personal preferences, likes, dislikes and other opinions related to this holiday. The three sets offer differentiation opportunities for the teacher, as well as providing an option best for students just getting to know one another, arriving from different schools, Core French students & French Immersion students

You will need one or several Jenga-style games for students to use this oral activity (based on students reading the question matching the block they have picked before replacing it on the tower they are building) in groups within your classroom.
Jenga® is a registered trademark of Pokonobe Associates. All rights reserved. Pokonobe Associates have not endorsed nor are they affiliated with this educational product.

Ce produit inclut trois listes de questions pour provoquer les discussion au thème de la rentrée à l'école. Encourager vos élèves de s’exprimer au sujet de leur vie, leurs préférences et leurs opinions à propos de cette occasion, en révisant leur habilités orales de français et les mots et expressions liés à l'année scolaire. Basé sur le jeu Jenga ® qui est requis pour utiliser ce produit dans la manière décrit. 

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