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These DPA posters (daily physical activity, or activité physique quotidienne, aka APQ) are great as stations in the Core French or French Immersion classroom, as well as for brain breaks or as part of your phys ed curriculum. You'll now find 18 8.5 x 11 inch colour pages to print and set up stations around the perimeter of the room or along a hallway. They also look good printed in Black & White, should you not be able to print in colour, or you may opt to project them one at a time as a whole class brain break activity. The activities provided on cards involve no real equipment with imaginary jump rope, stretches, dancing, and jogging on the spot included.

Mme Aiello
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Ces affiches sont utiles pour les enseignants de français de base ou d'immersion si votre école fait de l'activité physique quotidienne (APQ) ou si vous enseignez l'éducation physique. Ci-inclus, vous trouverez 18 feuilles imprimables de taille 8.5 x 11".

Mme Aiello
<a href="http://www.teachingfsl.com/" target="_blank">Teaching FSL</a><br />

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