We spark collective capacity by helping you make connections.


Collective Capacity
Collective capacity equals growth in our profession.
Our underlying philosophy is a strong belief in collective capacity, and professional learning communities. We believe that in order to increase collective capacity, we must engage in continuous professional development through interaction with other teachers outside of the school setting. We believe that true collective capacity occurs when teachers feel a responsibility to contribute to the work and development of their peers.
Planning for learning.
One of the biggest challenges that we have as teachers is planning for learning. Being well-planned in assessments and for learning is crucial.
Authentic Resources
Your students are unique. Your Resources should be too.
One of the primary reasons that Clique Education exists is to move away from generically made teaching materials, and to provide a platform for teachers to share the authentic resources that they’ve created and refined.
We are stronger together.
We are dedicated to providing tools and services that bring teachers together.

About Us

We are teachers.
We are interested in educational change, innovative ways of thinking, connecting, planning, organizing, and making professional lives easier.
We strive to provide a community where teachers can celebrate successes, help one another to grow, and be empowered.
Have an idea, or something that you’d like to see us offer? The best ideas come from our community. Send us your thoughts and ideas below, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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